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Walking hand in hand with the Man who stilled the waters.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Us at Chris' company Christmas party Posted by Picasa


I just realized that I do my blogposts the same way I used to write stories; write first, and figure out the title later. As a note to anyone who reads this, I must warn you: I am not a writer, by any means. I confess to a tiny bit of awe (just a skootch!) at those friends and acquaintances of mine that can so eloquently put their thoughts out for others to read.

I made the drastic change last night -- I dyed my hair! Well, I didn't do it on my own; E, my wonderful friend from back in high school, has become a hairdresser, and she had time yesterday for me to see her. We chose a lovely rich brown, and after 2 hours of waiting and washing and chatting, it was done! Goodbye blonde highlights, hello brunette! And they say blondes have all the fun... :) . E cut 3-4 inches off too, so it's shoulder-length again. The family has seen it, and more or less unanimously given their approval (well, except for A, but what can you expect from a little brother), so now I need to get reactions from Chris and friends. Chris is excited to see it... he'll be shocked, just like he was when I pierced my ears last year without telling him first! I love surprises, both giving and getting; the anticipation is totally worth it. When I manage to get a picture of the new 'do, I'll try to post it.

Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm here, as well.
@ school this Friday morning, even though yesterday and today are my "reading week".
Gotta get back to writing this paper .... it's about technology that translates a digital picture of a sign and uses some fancy software to translate the writing on the sign into English.

well, ciao.

The second time around...

Here we are. Even though I said I would never blog again, the need to put thoughts down in a public forum was awakened once more. Perhaps this time I'll be more dedicated in posting.