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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yes, I know. It's been a while. :P Sorry about that, Reubs.

Well, I do finally have a job again, albeit a temp job. I'm doing data entry for a law firm in downtown Hamilton. The work isn't thrilling, but it is interesting.

I did a search with Google today, using the search term "Jolene needs". Here are some of the better phrases it came up with:

  • Jolene needs to be present somewhere on the page - oookay...
  • Jolene needs to be saved... from something - from spiders! and the dark!
  • Jolene needs a mother, and she makes sure her father knows that - mothers are important
  • Jolene needs to be put on the very good girl list - that's right! most people get either "naughty" or "nice", but for special people, they get the "very good" list
  • Jolene needs to take control of her poor spending habits - oy. apparently Google knows me better than I thought
  • Jolene needs obedience school in the worst way - yeah, um, I got nothing
  • Jolene needs a job she is well mannered - someone got a hold of my updated resume, it seems
  • Jolene needs to balance her criticism with a little more diplomacy - because, you know, I'm anything but diplomatic
  • Jolene needs to rest and recuperate - see? that's what I've been saying all along!!
  • Jolene needs a fan club - any volunteers? anyone? not all at once, please? ... anyone? [echo]
  • Jolene needs an interview!!!!! - well, this was true up until last week, but I'm still hoping that my dream job calls me and asks me to come in
  • Jolene needs a vacation - and how
  • Jolene needs at least 10 hours of beauty sleep in order to replenish her energy level - this one is surprisingly accurate!

Those are the PG ones. Apparently Jolene is a great name if you're looking to start a side business as an exotic dancer...

Now, I should make other people do this too. I'm gonna tag... Reuben, Joel, Dax, Marsha, and Justine.

Wedding Countdown: 318 days! And I have a dress!