God, speed your love to me...

Walking hand in hand with the Man who stilled the waters.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Title Change

No, not the blog. My title! I'm no longer a girlfriend, I'm a fiancee! It still feels strange to say those words, even though they've been true for 4 days now.

Sunday was spent as any other Sunday is for us, twice to church with lunch and a nap in between. After second service we went to Chris' Oma's house for supper and a swim. Everything was normal, and I of course didn't suspect a thing. On the way home, he mentioned that we had to stop at my house briefly to "get something" -- I was immersed in a magazine (bridal, ironically), and so he ran in and was back in a few minutes and I didn't really notice much. On to his house.

Later that evening, as i was watching a movie downstairs with his parents, he came up behind me and whispered in my ear that he had a surprise for me out back. I followed him to the patio and found two chairs beside each other. Chris held up a 3-pack of Ferrero Rocher chocolates that we had bought a few days earlier, and suggested that we eat them now so that we wouldn't have to share them with the family. We each had one, and he offered me the last one (and who am I to pass up chocolate?). Imagine how disappointed I was when I peeled back the wrapping, only to find that someone had already scarfed my hazelnut delight and replaced it with a balled up napkin! "Oh no!" I said to Chris, "one of the kids ate the last one already!" On his knees now in front of my chair, he motioned for me to open the napkin. As I felt the ring in my hand, I looked over at him to find him on one knee! I couldn't believe it! This wasn't for real, was it?

Well, it was, and he asked, with tears in his eyes, and of course I accepted. Actually, I'm pretty sure I squealed my "Yes!" and choked him with a hug. Then Chris looked over his shoulder and said into the darkness, "Ok Nolan, you can go now!" and I saw a shadow of Chris' little brother (who was supposed to be in bed, as it was just about 10 PM by then) running across the back yard. After a minute or two we heard him say, "Chris, I can't do it!", so Chris went to help him. A small flame flickered, and then the sky lit up as fireworks shot off from the sandbox, and then the monkey bars, the slide, and the clothesline support! It was spectacular! I was so excited that I just laughed -- I didn't cry until later that night when it really sunk in that Chris had proposed to me.

We had so much fun telling our family and friends that we were engaged! As we looked over the list of people that we needed to call or email, we realized how blessed we are to have so many people that care about us! Thank you to each and every one. We love you all dearly.

Keep September 8, 2007 open on your calendars, so you can celebrate with us as we become husband and wife!

Friday, July 14, 2006

A lady of leisure? Why yes...

That's me these days, a lady of leisure. Not to say that I sit on my tush all day watching TV and eating sweets, but I'm definitely enjoying this change of pace. In addition to using this time off to search for a new job and recharge from the last one, I'm also getting some cleaning done around the house and working on another quilt (a baby one this time -- I'll try to post pictures if I can get my hands on a camera!).

I do miss my regular internet access, though. It's strange for me to not check my email for a few days in a row, especially after a year of being able to respond instantly to most messages. But, I adapt.

This is going to be a short post, because it's just too hot upstairs for me to sit here for long. We don't have A/C, a fact that normally doesn't bother me, but the 30+ temps this week have even me ready for the icy air.

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved Chris, who turns 21 today and joins the ranks of the "old" people (according to his younger siblings). God's blessings to you, luv.

Ta for now! Back to the sewing machine...